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"If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."— J.K. Rowling

oh god my brother just called me crying cause he was missing me and cause he has school tomorrow and now i just feel homesick even though im only an hour and a half away

how are people doing this??? ugh i just miss being at home and i know now that moving back home second year is not going to be that hard

on the other hand, i just had my first frosh day and it was terrible at the beginning cause i really didnt want to awkwardly mingle but it got better and by the end of the day i was having a blast. i met a ton of people that were so far from their family- a couple that were entire continents away and im starting to realize just how difficult that would be. but it’ll be worth it in the end?

Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home

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its 2am, i get the keys to my apartment in downtown toronto tomorrow, im kinda freaking out but im mostly just really excited to settle down into a routine

sigh im getting the whole growing-up-sucks attitude because ew responsibilities and money and complicated feelings and emotions and ultimately having no control over anything and being aware of that lack of control


lee pace with ripped shirt and angsty back-story and giving a teary monologue hello.


like real talk joe macmillan is an asshole mostly and irl i’d hate him but also dang what a character what a human like woW u know that guy ya feel me




Johnny Depp supporting #boyincroptops1984

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feeling homesick before im even left
oh and i just promised my bro to meet him at his bus stop after his first day of school


i still maintain that the invisible hand sounds more like an avant-garde masturbation technique than an iron law of the capitalist business cycle

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I love these shows, but by God they have a lot of problems.

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A Little girl, 3 yrs. old picked up by a man driving a gray car, license plate: Quebec 72B 381. Canada. Reblog this. It could save her. The Kidnapping is recent so do it, 3 seconds will not kill you. If it were your child .

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natasha romanoff + tumblr wanting a black widow movie.

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BREAKING: The Michael Brown autopsy results have come in.


  • BREAKING: Autopsy shows Michael brown was shot at least six times -
  • Michael Brown autopsy: 1 bullet entered top of skull, “suggesting his head was bent forward when it” killed him

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